Foodcamp Dungarvan Friday 15th April – some of the speakers

With a week to go here are some of the speakers who will be at Ireland’s second foodcamp – Friday 15th April – part of the Waterford Festival of Food. A number of demo’s there together with a number of talks which I hope are not scheduled against mine because I really want to see them.

If you have a food related topic you are passionate about please put yourself on the list – this is about sharing those passions, experience and ideas in an open way. Just send an email to Claire:

- Earnán Ó Cleirigh who works for the OECD in the area of food security in developing countries, will be flying in from Tanzania that week
- Lucy Johnstone of Bread and Butter marketing wants to give a presentation on innovative ways for small producers to use online marketing
- Caitlín Uí Aodha is secretary of the Irish Fisherman’s Association and wants to question why there isn’t a sustainable fish market in Ireland, what can be done to promote fish, raise awareness and respect for the fishing industry in Ireland etc
- Demos / tutored tastings from Imen McDonnell, Brock Lewin (Badger and Dodo coffee) and Cormac O’Dwyer (Dungarvan Brewing Company)
- Eunice Power will be discussing the benefit of community collaboration with local food suppliers
- Keith Bohanna is discussing artisan food branding….


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