Artisan and Local Food Brands – Irish Media Watch No.2

Irish Times – Saturday 22nd January – Article here

In an article entitled Tipple that won’t make you tipsy Tipperary brand The Apple Farm are mentioned. The journalist John Wilson says “It is cloudy, lightly sparkling with lovely, pure apple fruit flavour.”

Irish Times – Thursday 20th January – Article here

This is a great piece about Cork based Taste A Memory

On the back of the IBEC survey which showed that Irish food companies are more positive about their prospects than Irish business overall the piece shows how a focus on design and packaging by this brand had a positive impact on their listings and sales.

Ann Bradfield, the chef behind Taste A Memory, also recommends a spend on in-store tastings to boost awareness and sales.

and in other somewhat relevant news

“59% of Americans want better online access to Irish Food”

A commercial opportunity awaits – see Slide 31 in this post here from Amarach.

“Street food vendors are expected to populate sidewalks every two to three blocks downtown by the summer of 2014”

This decision in Vancouver will open up opportunities for local food suppliers with staff in the council screening applicants for, amongst other things, the use of local, organic and fair trade foods. Full article here.

“Green & Black’s ‘to seek split from Kraft'”
This brand does not belong in the arms of a global conglomerate. Would be good to see it independent again. Examiner article here