Foodspotting activity roundup

Glenilen Farm Yogurts – foodspotting link

Check out this brand – the logo, the design of the packaging, their website. If you have a great locally produced food be proud and take your place on the supermarket/store shelf. You owe it to yourself.

Bacheldre Mill Flourfoodspotting link

What a heritage (or backstory in geek speak) – a 500 year old business (almost – the mill was built in 1575) – the detail is on their site here. The photo does not do justice to the pack – and they have some interesting flour variants including an Oak Smoked. Wow.

Secret Recipe Company foodspotting link here

I covered this pickle here on the 1st November and was really interested to see the change in packaging from the first small batch. The most recent is on top.

Their website is here.

If you are a foodie and have an iPhone (or soon to be covered Android) why not download the application and join this community of food lovers. Really strong in parts of the US it is more sparsely populated in Ireland so I for one would love to see more of you.


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