BBC 2010 Food and Farming Awards

The BBC Food program is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly and a recent piece on these Awards caught my attention. It focused on a new category for drinks (everything from smoothies and juices to beers and spirits) and featured interviews with the 3 shortlisted businesses.

The following are the 2 relevant winners from the awards (by relevant I mean food brands as opposed to restaurants etc). You can see the full listing here.

Best Food Producer: Alex Gooch Organics

“Over the next eight hours, with the World Service for company, Gooch, 28, makes his slow-fermented loaves — the ryes and sourdoughs, fruit and olive breads, focaccia and ciabatta — all with their own live yeast cultures, which bubble and burp away like small volcanoes, scenting the air with beery warmth. The different cultures not only leaven the breads but create their distinctive characteristics.”

Extract from

Best Drinks Producer: Wye Valley Brewery

“Wye Valley Brewery is a family-run business dedicated to brewing the best cask-conditioned beer possible and championing pubs as important parts of local communities. We use only the finest quality raw materials – sourced locally wherever possible – and are proud to be recognised as the leading cask ale brewery in the county.”

Extract from their website