3 small Kilkenny Food Events coming up – please come along

Not everything needs to be on the scale of the Savour Kilkenny festival – by definition local and good food celebration can be equally enjoyed with smaller gatherings.

There are 3 in the next 2 weeks (that I know about) and here are the details:

Sunday Evening 9th January, 19.30 – Vegetarian Kilkenny Monthly No Meat and Greet

This group was set up nearly 2 years ago by some of the Cartoon Saloon crew whose multi-national staff harbored an unnatural (for Ireland) number of vegetarians. I am not directly involved – just a willing participant along with my family – and we regularly get at least 30 people attending with an amazing variety of dishes coming from a number of ethnic backgrounds.

And with 2 regular vegans (me and one other) a lot of people take the time to cater for us which is really appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

More information on the Facebook Group

Monday Evening 10th January, 20.00 – Bring and Brew

James Swarbrick from Yum Cafe entertained myself and Ken McGuire yesterday morning and he has now decided to hold a Bring and Brew – where the Bring is coffee beans – whole or ground – and a coffee tasting will be had.

Venue is Yum Cafe.

Saturday Evening 15th January, 18.30 20.00Foodspotting Birthday Bash

There are a couple of us in Kilkenny using the foodspotting application (iPhone and Android) which allows you to share photos of good food with others.

They are one year old this month and a number of celebrations of that are being held around the world. For the fun of it we are holding our own in Kilkenny – Zuni are hosting and the finer details have to be worked out – but it won’t be a full dinner, more of a meetup in the front of Zuni. Coffee, nibbles and a sharing of what foodspotting is and can be used for. UPDATE – confirmed for 18.30

You can indicate your interest here.

That’s it for the moment – please let me know of anything else which I have missed and feel free to attend any or all of them – the more foodies the better ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. So yeah, looks like I’m on two out of three, will be out of town on Sunday, contrary to my prior agreement to go! Be sure to rope in Costigan for it.

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