Foodspotting Gathering – Saturday 15th Jan @ 18.30 Zuni, Kilkenny

If you are using foodspotting (the food social network on iPhones or Android) or are curious about it come join a small group of us who are gathering on Saturday evening 15th January in Zuni Cafe in Kilkenny. It is part of the celebrations around the world of their 1st birthday šŸ™‚

You can sign up here: and if you are coming along please do let us know as Maria is doing Tapas for us and she needs to know the numbers. It is at 6.30 for an hour as they have a big group coming in at 8pm. Thanks to Paul Byrne in Zuni for supporting this.

This is a screenshot of the latest foodspottings around Kilkenny:

There is also a plan for a celebration in Galway – here is the link to that.


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