2 packaging and design posts this week from Irish artisan brands

These do not happen too often – it is difficult enough finding time to run a food business without finding the time to blog about it.

Seymours is a handmade biscuit brand in Cork and they were full of praise on Thursday last week for Michelle Jones of Microstreet Graphic Design for her work in developing the packaging.

There are no contact details for Michelle that I can find online – however her husband has a website here.

Meanwhile in Limerick Lorraine from italianfoodies continues to share the development of a new food brand by herself and her husband. They currently run La Cucina and the brand will initially be for a range of sauces. She had this to say about the process:

We’re currently at the branding stage which is a very detailed process, I presumed you hired a graphic designer, they design a logo and there you go!! Ah no sireeee!! The brand has to represent what we stand for – family, culture, Italian lifestyle, passion, natural, local,  good quality etc etc and it is pretty difficult to get all this into a couple of words and a graphic, we are on the way though and get closer every meeting we have with the designers but it is all I have been thinking about for the last couple of weeks, we’re off to London soon to see if we can get any inspiration over there, they market artisan food very well in the UK and I think Ireland should look to them on how it is done….

This stuff is difficult and important to get right. I cannot wait to see what they come up with.