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Food production is a very, very time consuming business – one of the most intense ways of passing your life away. So it is not a surprise that blogging (which also consumes copious amounts of time) is not practiced by too many of them in Ireland.

These are the ones which I am aware of – if you know of any others please let me know 🙂

Ireland – entrepreneur seeks recipe owners seeking painless route to market. – We share with you our updates on life at our bakery and in West Cork, Ireland. – I am a chocoholic Irish ice cream man, born in New York City, and now living in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. – Cully & Sully love to cook, especially to impress! Throw a dinner party next weekend and cook something seriously impressive – Alan’s family has been tending the same small dairy farm for generations.

UPDATE: – Our family has been creating mouth watering recipes using our Organic Irish Smoked Salmon for years. Here are some of our favourites!

I will be keeping track of this list on a separate page here.


5 thoughts on “Artisan brand producer blogs

  1. Hi Keith,

    Would you count my blog of life here on a smallholding in Redwood, rearing hens, ducks, turkeys and pigs (selling the pork directly to customers) as an artisan blog?


  2. Yes. But not for my list 😉 My very particular and personal focus is branded food products and I am going to resist expanding it. Much as wider food stuff takes my attention from time to time.

    You are more in Ella McSweeneys patch!


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