Bord Bia Small Business Seminar – Jonathan Ryan, Kantar

“Jonathan Ryan will present on how consumer purchasing behaviour has changed in 2010 and how companies can work smarter in 2011 to maximise opportunities in Ireland and the UK” Their website here. They work by assembling information based on analysis of actual consumer behaviour – tracking shopping baskets.

His talk is entitled “The Shopper Landscape”

1. What is influencing consumers

Started with the trend of saving cash – consumers trading down in certain food brand and related to that shopping more in the discounters. Overall the spend on food is 6.4% down.

Recession busting categories:

Home baking and anything relating to consumption at home, lunchboxes snacks and meals, budget and convenience also there (no surprises so!)

2. Retail Landscape

Jonathan presented a series of store report cards – too much detail to capture here. I will put up slides/link to slides if they are available afterwards.

3. How do I grow my brand

There is only one long term way to grow your brand. Develop loyal customers and increase the average  life time value. Interestingly he does not rate Loyalty Marketing as a sustainable way of achieving this.

So how do you get more trade buyers and increase the value of their purchases from you. He focused on New Product Development (NPD) as the key way of doing this – constantly innovating.