Artisan and local food packaging examples No.3

Been a couple of weeks since I did one of these.

Mammoth Supply Co by Shine

This is a dairy brand specifically for men. Interesting positioning. I like the name and associated mammoth icon and the use of large typeface. Effective.

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Tasty Pot Co by Beyond

Another New Zealand brand with a strong use of colour combined with a repeat of the large typeface and a hint of a handwritten font for the variety name. This would stand out on the shelf and it works for me.

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Frisk Yogurt by Mats Ottdal

This appears to be a concept design from 2008 – this is a yogurt designed for kids and it is very appealing

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Vermont Coffee Co by Place

Yes please – they used a 100 year old press to get an authentic feeling of integrity for these.

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Sea Cider by I Love Dust

This very busy carry pack manages to strongly evoke a seaside feeling. Nice.

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That’s it for this post – loads in the backlog so must get to the next one in the series a bit quicker next time.









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  1. Nice blog man. This blog is a celebration of local, small scale and artisan food producers who truly care about the food products they will help for the costumer.

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