Boxer Chips by Irish spudmuckers

While at an event in Dublin during the week I was handed a couple of packets of these to try – cheers Mr Mulley.

This (for me) is a superb brand approach that works really well. Based in Sandyford and trading as Spudmuckers (you would wouldn’t you) they have borrowed from the approach that is most associated with Innocent. This combines great food with humour and a slight irreverence. Their website is here, its Flash based but actually makes relevant use of that.

Opening the outer layer you see a cardboard inner:

Think of a takeaway box. Within that are the batch cooked crisps:

Yep – they taste as good as they look and were enjoyed by all in the household.

A lingering doubt cropped up for me as I worked through those layers of packaging – wasn’t this just wasteful and an example of kopping out to some fancy design concept?

Not according to their website which says: “our carbon footprint is tiny due to the space efficiency of our innovative and recyclable packaging”. I am not a carbon footprint expert so over to someone who is. Not entirely sure of my ground on this but still have residual concerns.

Apart from that congrats on the product and brand guys and girls. Follow them on twitter, no Facebook presence that I can see.



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  2. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We share your concern for the environment. Boxerchips was created to reduce environmental impact.

    Although at first impression by the end consumer BOXCHIPS uses “more” packaging…infact from farmer to retailer BOXERCHIPS uses far less packaging and far less fuel for shipping.

    Because we use a rigid case to contain our crisps, and not pillow packed air our package is 50% smaller than a standard 40g bag of crisps.

    We fit 100% more units into a case, a pallet and a vehicle. That means less outer cases which are extremely resource intensive and wasteful. Of course, we can deliver twice as many units per vehicle hour as can anyone else in the crisp market. All of this is not quite instantly visible to the munching consumer.

    Because the box is smaller than the standard 40g crisp bag, we use 35% less laminate to cover the box.

    Finally, BOXERCHIPS boxes are not only recyclable but also compostable. In about 3-5 weeks we are launching a post consumer waste (recycled) box. So it will be recycled board that is recyclable and even compostable. In the mean time we source all board from mills certified to be harvesting from forests that are farmed and renewed to the highest environmental standards.

    I hope this short note gives you an indication that we are acutely aware of the environmental impact of not only our product but all aspects of consumer goods manufacture, supply, consumption and disposal.

    Our Facebook page is:

    • Really I was under the inpression that this was another product from Glennans you know the bulk fryer/packer of fried pototoes and vegetables?

  3. Tried Spudmuckers on the Stena Line ferry and loved the savagely salted. However, since being home in Wexford, cannot find them in the Supermarkets. Can you please advise me of stockists. Have always bought Kettlechips, but these far exceed them for quality.

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