2 great interviews – Birgitta in Burren Smokehouse, Valerie in Glenilen

Ailbhe is based in the UK and she writes a blog called Simplysplendiferous.

Two of her recent posts are interviews with Irish producers – both of whom have scaled their production without loosing their connection with the passion and core values that make a strong brand.

Burren Smokehouse

The first (linked here) explores the taste of both farmed and wild salmon (recently reintroduced) with Birgitta Curtin. Really smart website BTW – do not remember seeing this properly before.

Glenilen Fairy

In the second one (linked here) Ailbhe discusses brand design and solar power with Valerie Kingston.

While the solar power and planned water turbine get a paragraph of the interview those of you who are familiar with this business will know that Valerie and Alan’s dedication to renewables goes way beyond “lite green” and you do not pick that up from their website or communications generally.

I am looking forward to more in this “Introducing…” series 🙂