Door To Door Organics @dtdOrganics

What they do

They connect organic farmers and good food producers with consumers in large cities and urban areas.

Where they do it

They started in 1997, they are US based and they service 5 areas right now:

Who are they

Good question. Their CEO is Chad Arnold (shown under) but while they appear to have a great reputation online I cannot find a mention anywhere of the founder(s) names. A shy bunch.

The ethical bit?

Their copy “As your advocate, we strive to buy directly from the farmer or producer. We also work to find food that is verified by third parties to provide an added level of assurance.”

On the same page they list 30 standards which they use to filter their producers.

My thoughts

I love these schemes. In 1990 we were the first Wolverhampton hub for Organic Roundabout,  a Community Supported Agriculture business out of Birmingham. In 1995 in Waterford we received a weekly box from a local organic farmer and when we moved to Kilkenny in 1997 we sourced another local organic box delivering farmer and we have been with him since.

As with many other alternatives to the traditional distribution system this is not the full solution but it is a strong part of it. Giving you a chance to talk directly to farmer producers, to appreciate the work and challenges, to share their passions and to eat seasonal, organic produced food.

This post was prompted by a US$2M investment into the business by a Colorado based VC who focus on sustainable and healthy lifestyle opportunities.

Links to more

UPDATE 31/8/12 – April 2012 article from the Guardian UK on similar schemes in France

/ Keith