The background to Outstanding By Design, 10th May 2014

When I started to write Biabeag in November 2010 I quickly started to focus on a topic where my passion for great, real food and design converged – the brands and packaging which I saw every time I shopped.

So for about a year and a half I wrote regular blog posts, commissioned guest posts, reviewed books and gave talks on the topic of great artisan food packaging design.

This was and is important to me because so often I saw the obvious passion and talent of real food producers disappear when it came to their products on a shelf – lousy designs, obscure logos and confused messaging which gave no clues to the great food contained within.

I know at least part of why that happens because of my work in digital with clients – helping them through the process of website design. The lack of clarity around requirements, inability to pick relevant and good designers and no capability to manage the ongoing process all make the likely end result a source of disappointment.

Hence this day. Through 7 case studies combining food producers and designers we will find out what went right for each of them and get a sense of having a great brand/packaging in place helped increase sales and distribution.

Screenshot 2014-04-22 10.24.04

I’m looking forward to it :-). And having Giles Calver,  the author of the book (What is Packaging Design) which  I reviewed in 2011 there will be an added bonus.

Click here for more information on the day and lineup.


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