Book Review – “What is Packaging Design?” by Giles Calver

Enjoying a 2 week break in Stockholm and that gave me the opportunity to explore a design and architectural bookshop where I found “What is Packaging Design”. I had been wanting to read something like this for a while – to give my guts feelings on good and bad design a more solid foundation.

This book was a great start – I really enjoyed it and could see so much thought-provoking information in there for local and artisan food producers and the people working in them who have to manage packaging design processes. It is not exclusively about food but that does not matter – every principle in there can be applied to food products and well over half of his case studies are of food.

I have done a very brief summary which contains some of the points which I underlined while reading it. This does not do the book justice – you need to buy it for yourself if you have an interest in this topic!


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