Raw Milk – why is it so important?

Within the Slow Food movement Raw Milk is seen as a great example of real food the way it should be without unnecessary processing.

Over on the newly relaunched Slow Food website (a big callout to Eilis Boyle who led this redesign and reimagining)  Darina Allen shares her own thoughts on raw milk and acknowledges the possible risks and what can constructively be done about them. From that piece:

“In countries both in Europe and the US, there is a growing demand for raw milk. In Germany, there are 50 registered raw milk producers. In Italy, farmers sell directly to the public through refrigerated dispensers in supermarkets, town squares, hospitals, schools. The sale of raw milk gained momentum so fast that at present almost 10% of the nation’s raw milk is now sold through dispensers).

In the US, 39 states have legalised the sale of raw milk and the demand for cream top milk in glass bottles continues to grow apace.”

On 5th April we will be speaking to three great Cheese Makers of whom 2 – Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith – St Tola: Irish Organic Goat Cheese, Co Clare and Tom Burgess – Coolattin Cheddar: Mature Raw Milk Cheddar, Co Wicklow – use raw milk in their products.


This will be one of the topics we will get a chance to debate and explore on the evening. Find out more here.


One thought on “Raw Milk – why is it so important?

  1. Here in the Lithuanian countryside raw milk is everywhere. It is still quite common for country homes to keep a cow for milk. If you don’t have a cow yourself you can get milk from your neighbour. It’s also sold at farmers’ markets. Not sure if it’s legal, but it’s everywhere! I believe it makes the best cheese and I love how it tastes. I hope Ireland figures out a way to make it legally available again.

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