Organic Herb Company, Oils and Herbs. Ireland

The Organic Herb Company business is going over 11 years and supply to a range of retailers in England and Ireland. It is not cheap – but extremely tasty as I learned when I worked my way through 5 of the samples in front of me (chickening out when it got to the Chilli’er concoctions).

One of these may well be a Christmas treat. The second photo shows Paul and Michael the co-founders of the business – again at Savour Kilkenny. As a BTW their site does not do the brand justice – be warned!


Living Flavour, Ireland

One of the struggles for growers is to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Broadly speaking the market does not care about the variety/source/grower of something – they are presented as homogenous offerings.

Living Flavour is an Irish herb brand developed by a 3rd generation Plant Nursery business. It is complimented by a nicely designed and delivered website.