Artisan Chocolate business with strong technology overtones

I saw this on twitter a month ago (thanks to Lucy Richard) and just back to it now. Take the Wired founder and a technologist who hung out around the Space Shuttle program, set the location as San Francisco and then film a number of slots with BoingBoingTV and you end up with TCHO.

Part one covers the origins of chocolate and explores the sensual side of the beans and the product. For more click through to youtube.

Enjoy it, Keith



Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco

Thanks to @jkeyes for the tip-off. This video homage is to Four Barrel Coffee, coffee roasters in San Fran.

As with many small scale coffee roasters they work directly with the growers of their beans to ensure they build up long term relationships instead of purchasing beans from the marketplace where commodity dealers rule,


Listing of Artisan chocolatiers in San Francisco

Extract from article:

Only in San Francisco, with its rich and lucious history of food, can one find four of the nation’s 11 major chocolate manufacturers and a disproportionate number of unique boutique chocolatiers.The Bay Area is home to some of the greatest chocolate factories in world including: The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, See’s Candies , Scharffen Berger Chocolate (recently acquired by the Hershey Company) and Tcho