Esther Barron, Barron’s Bakery

What a pleasure to meet with Esther and Joe Barron during the recent Waterford Festival of Food – site here. I went out on the Saturday for one of their bus tours. Mine was the Staples one and it involved a visit to Crinnaghton Juices (video in an upcoming post) and then Barron’s bakery.

4th generation, oldest working bread oven in Ireland, a just published book on their 125 year history. You just have to love it.

During the tour I shot this video clip (slightly longer than usual at just under 4 minutes) where Esther and Joe show us the equipment and process which their bread goes through.

Every town in Ireland should have one, two, three local bakeries and every home in Ireland should support them.


Brock Lewin, Badger and Dodo

I get my kicks from artisan food producers and coffee entrepreneurs are probably the closest to turning me into a fanboy 🙂

This is Brock from Badger and Dodo. It’s a strong brand, only 2 years in existence but has made a disproportionate mark on the Irish coffee scene thanks to Brock’s passion and skills in the space.

This was shot during the foodcamp at the Waterford Festival of Food in Dungarvan and followed on from a great chat where we discussed brands and design, packaging and the Irish coffee scene.


Video Clips – A Slice of Heaven and some San Francisco Producers too

A Slice of Heaven – Kilkenny (website)

While they do cakes of the traditional kind Mary McEvoy also makes and distributes branded products from her business.

10 Food Producers at a Foodbuzz Blog Event (website)

Foodzie is an American site where you can buy artisan and local food products. They shot this video at a Foodbuzz food blogger event in San Francisco in 2009.

Always enjoy seeing interviews with producers 🙂


Artisan Chocolate business with strong technology overtones

I saw this on twitter a month ago (thanks to Lucy Richard) and just back to it now. Take the Wired founder and a technologist who hung out around the Space Shuttle program, set the location as San Francisco and then film a number of slots with BoingBoingTV and you end up with TCHO.

Part one covers the origins of chocolate and explores the sensual side of the beans and the product. For more click through to youtube.

Enjoy it, Keith



Video interviews – old and new food brands from Kilkenny

These were shot during Savour Kilkenny in October last year.

Tomm Watts, Secret Recipe Co

Tomm’s website is here – where he runs a blog on the development of this very new business.

Joy Moore, Oldtown Hill Bakery

Great business, great products. No website yet.

Hope you enjoy these. Thanks to Glasseye for shooting them and making available.


Messrs Maguire

10 years ago this pub (Messrs Maguire) in the heart of Dublin installed a craft brewery on its premises – with the majority of the action happening in the basement underneath the pavement outside.

That is where I got to do this interview with Melissa Camire, their Head Brewer who only started in October 2010.

This is a photo of the basement we were in for that video.


Highbank Organic Orchard Syrup

This being a local product (and one which was picked out in the Bridgestone Megabyte 2010 Awards as the Best New Food Product) I have posted on it a couple of times. I have also purchased it and like it a lot!

This is a short video interview I did with Julie Calderpott, the creator of the Orchard Syrup

Must try and make these longer – just a little.


Minh Tsai and the Good Bean

A recent video interviews from Liza de Guia – this time of a tofu advocate called Minh Tsai who founded Hodo Soy Beanery (Hoda means good bean) in California.

Turns out tofu is not meant to be flacid and tasteless – this is a well shot and edited piece which captures the passion behind the brand and educates viewers on how tofu should be made. You can see the full post from Liza here.