Food Producer Video interviews – Savour Kilkenny

Came across these last week – a series of short video interviews done during Savour Kilkenny in August. Unfortunately the business which shot them has disabled embedding for all except the one underneath 😦

Highbank Orchard Syrup (previously featured on this blog here)

Direct link for the above in case embed gets pulled:

Others in the series which are relevant to Biabeag are:

A Slice of Heaven:

Tess’s Baking:

Secret Recipe Co:

Tara’s Naturally:

Oldtown Bakery:


Wish4 FairTrade, Kinsale, Ireland

Myself and Alan Clayton from Wish4 Fairtrade have had contact in the past when he was involved in another food business so it was really enjoyable to catch up with him in Belfast to hear all about the FairTrade brand which he has been developing over the last couple of years.

His plans for the future include pushing production of some of the products involved back into the countries where the raw materials are grown (preserving as much value as possible in the place of origin) and extending his market share in the UK.

Looking forward to the ongoing success of this business.


Danny Boy Whiskey, Northern Ireland

While in Belfast to attend Bizcamp I attended a dinner at which a relatively new whiskey was being offered for tasting. While I have spoken with Real Ale/Beer brewers before I had never had the chance to talk to someone responsible for a spirit.

Peter Lavery, the man behind Danny Boy whiskey (and also a cream liquer) told me about the journey so far and his partnership with  Cooley Distillery in Ireland. He was a great character to talk to and despite my preference for bourbon I can recommend the whiskey to anyone with a love of Irish.


Tipperary Food Producers

In my final video from the Tipperary Food Producers evening event (to which I was invited as part of the twitter panel and got in for free) I asked Gary Gubbins, one of the organisers of the event and the Founder of Red Nose Wines, to tell me a little about the Food Producers Network.

You can see more from this series here, here and here.


Brownes Soup. Tipperary, Ireland

Number 3 of 4 which I shot while at the Tipperary Food Producers event in Clonmel a couple of weeks ago (disclosure, I was asked to participate in a twitter panel there so got in free).

This one is with Sarah Browne of Brownes Soups ( (who explains the evolution of their packaging. Apologies for the drop in lighting towards the end – a camera crew in the room unplugged their rig!

You can see other videos from this event here and here.


Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco

Thanks to @jkeyes for the tip-off. This video homage is to Four Barrel Coffee, coffee roasters in San Fran.

As with many small scale coffee roasters they work directly with the growers of their beans to ensure they build up long term relationships instead of purchasing beans from the marketplace where commodity dealers rule,