Artisan and local food packaging examples No.5

Braufactum by Flaechenbrand

This is a superb example of upmarket positioning by this craft brewery which was set up in Germany in August 2010. Take a look at the full post – the detail of every aspect of the bottles and labels is worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Brooklyn Gin by Spring Design Partners

Ok – more detail, hmmm. Looks like my post has a very premium positioning theme. And allowing myself a quick mention of their website as well:

That shot and description on their homepage is very evocative and oozes authenticity – the source and production backstory is one every artisan website should get into your face immediately.

Back to the design – “The bottle structure pays homage to the apothecary origins of gin, reinforcing its place in the new speakeasy, while the medallion label – stamped in metal – celebrates the authentic spirit at the core of the brand”. Always important to be clear on what is to be achieved with each aspect of a brand from website to labelling.

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Love both of these – this is packaging which is expensive however there are lessons to be extracted for every brand.


Artisan and local food packaging examples No.4

Another visit to the world of interesting and innovative packaging for artisan and local food brands.

“by Hoogesteger” by Design Bridge

Not entirely clear if this is a local brand or a much larger one – however this packaging is really effective. Such a simple use of strong and large scale cutouts together with minimal text.

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Cannot find the designers of this one – have asked them for the name. No debate here on their artisan status. “Velo” is French for “bicycle”, and that’s our principal method for delivering hand-roasted beans. We believe all businesses should operate with low-impact techniques, from start to finish.

You can only get away with this kind of packaging if you mean it. However this brand wears its core message upfront with no confusion.

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The Food Doctor by Pearlfisher

The marketing machine that is Ian Marber recently changed its food product packaging to the above. The design agency give a good background to the approach in the post this is from, incorporating the strong shape, colours and text content.

The discussion in the comments that follow adds to the post nicely – debating the focus on a single apple shape and also wondering if the health benefits are conveyed sufficiently by this re-brand.

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Another one in this series coming up later in the week – check out the Packaging category to the right for more of these.


Artisan Chocolate business with strong technology overtones

I saw this on twitter a month ago (thanks to Lucy Richard) and just back to it now. Take the Wired founder and a technologist who hung out around the Space Shuttle program, set the location as San Francisco and then film a number of slots with BoingBoingTV and you end up with TCHO.

Part one covers the origins of chocolate and explores the sensual side of the beans and the product. For more click through to youtube.

Enjoy it, Keith