Artisan and local food packaging examples No.5

Braufactum by Flaechenbrand

This is a superb example of upmarket positioning by this craft brewery which was set up in Germany in August 2010. Take a look at the full post – the detail of every aspect of the bottles and labels is worth a couple of minutes of your time.

via TheDieLine

Brooklyn Gin by Spring Design Partners

Ok – more detail, hmmm. Looks like my post has a very premium positioning theme. And allowing myself a quick mention of their website as well:

That shot and description on their homepage is very evocative and oozes authenticity – the source and production backstory is one every artisan website should get into your face immediately.

Back to the design – “The bottle structure pays homage to the apothecary origins of gin, reinforcing its place in the new speakeasy, while the medallion label – stamped in metal – celebrates the authentic spirit at the core of the brand”. Always important to be clear on what is to be achieved with each aspect of a brand from website to labelling.

via TheDieLine

Love both of these – this is packaging which is expensive however there are lessons to be extracted for every brand.