Artisan and local food packaging examples No.4

Another visit to the world of interesting and innovative packaging for artisan and local food brands.

“by Hoogesteger” by Design Bridge

Not entirely clear if this is a local brand or a much larger one – however this packaging is really effective. Such a simple use of strong and large scale cutouts together with minimal text.

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Cannot find the designers of this one – have asked them for the name. No debate here on their artisan status. “Velo” is French for “bicycle”, and that’s our principal method for delivering hand-roasted beans. We believe all businesses should operate with low-impact techniques, from start to finish.

You can only get away with this kind of packaging if you mean it. However this brand wears its core message upfront with no confusion.

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The Food Doctor by Pearlfisher

The marketing machine that is Ian Marber recently changed its food product packaging to the above. The design agency give a good background to the approach in the post this is from, incorporating the strong shape, colours and text content.

The discussion in the comments that follow adds to the post nicely – debating the focus on a single apple shape and also wondering if the health benefits are conveyed sufficiently by this re-brand.

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Another one in this series coming up later in the week – check out the Packaging category to the right for more of these.


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