Foodcamp – part of Savour Kilkenny Friday October 22nd

Foodcamp Italy

One of the pleasures of being involved in a particular sector or niche is learning from your peers. Participating in occasions where others are openly sharing their experiences, contacts and skills without thought of payback is really uplifting.

An event format called barcamp was spawned out of the technology sector in the US to deliver this in a structure that facilited it without stifling it. The key mechanism is the opening of all the speaking slots (with multiple streams happening simultaneously) to attendees who want to talk about/share something.

After over 20 very successful ***camp events  (covering everything from technology to general business topics – bizcamps) it is great to see one dedicated to the food sector happening.

You can check out the site here and if you have any questions just leave a comment – as one of the people involved I will happily answer them for you.

Also have a look at the ones which have happened or are happening elsewhere:

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FoodCamp Italy, Sept 13th 2008


Blogfest Italy Foodcamp. Sept 2010 (link to blog post on same)

FoodCamp 4, Amsterdam, March 2010

Foodcamp Dijon!, 7 November 2010. This one appears to be a very practical recipe/making camp