Foodspotting roundup, 11th December 2010

Doves Farm – my foodspotting link

Doves Farm is a farm based brand which started in 1978 and now employs over 60 people with a range of products covering biscuits (these ones are really tangy and tasty), flour, breakfast cereals and pasta. All of their products are organic and they have a separate mill for gluten free flour and products.

Cramers Grove – my foodspotting link

I mentioned Cramers Grove in a previous post here and the above photo was taken about a week after they opened their new cafe in McDonagh Junction in Kilkenny.

A full Irish Foodbase entry on Cramers Grove here.

Iswari Chocolate Making Kit – my foodspotting link here

This was a completely new brand to me – and a new concept for that matter. Their site is here I believe (it is in Portuguese and the translation refers to these products – but not in a normal brand website way). Love the idea of making raw chocolate – my experience of this through both Natasha’s brand (previous post here) and Booja Booja is really positive.

A Slice of Heaven – my foodspotting post here

This is a Kilkenny based business (website here) and while I have seen them before this is a really impressive product.


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