Artisan and Local Food Brands – Irish Media Watch No.1

Sunday Business Post 9th Jan – Chocolate Garden

A piece on the Carlow based Chocolate and Ice Cream brand which used the pop-up (ie temporary) shop concept successfully in two different locations before Christmas.

The above photo is one I took of their Kilkenny location for foodspotting, the second location was in Clearys in Dublin.

UPDATE: Sunday Business Post 9th Jan – Aine Hand Made Chocolate

Missed this one earlier – nestled into the Bizesize page of the Magazine was a piece on Anne Rudden’s Cavan based chocolate brand.

A timely reminder – because I enjoyed a surprisingly tasty Seville Orange bar from this range over Christmas. Surprising because I had managed to associate the brand with a sugar free range which I saw from them early on and had since then never bothered to try one. The Seville Orange is from the new range they launched Sept last year and you should absolutely try them for yourself.

Some of her chocolates are available online from her website –

Irish Times Saturday 8th Jan – Petite Treats

A shout out in the Whats Hot listing for makers of vegan cupcakes –

They deliver their cupcakes – and a range of Muffins, Brownies and Wedding Cakes too. Beyond the limited vegan market in Ireland these will also appeal to anyone caring about “Dairy/lactose-free, Egg-free, Cholesterol-free, very low in saturated fat, sweetened with unrefined sugar and  maple syrup and made with non-hydrogenated oils”

Twitter and Facebook links for them.

Irish Times Saturday 8th Jan – Gold EV Olive Oil

A product produced in such a small scale that I cannot find a photo of it. Or a website for it or the health food store which makes it! The owners of Greystones based Natures Gold hand harvest olives in Catalonia and sell the resulting oil in their shop. Has to be gorgeous.

I will work on extending this in future – I need to monitor the websites of the Irish newspspers and also bring in the Irish blogs.