Artisan and local food packaging examples No.6

For me a food brand is nothing without the people behind it and this batch of packaging designs picks up on that theme as a way of connecting their brands with consumers on the shelf edge.

Peeze by SoGood

I have seen this regularly from smaller coffee brands – especially those who work with Fairtrade systems. Very interesting comment on the blog post this came from: “this is ridiculous. designed for a bunch of white people on the netherlands so they can see the “many colors” of the developing world without feeling bad about how people get exploited. commodification at its best.”

Fair point – a quick glance at their website and they do not appear to use any of the mainstream Fairtrade certification although they could still have strong and supportive relationships with their suppliers.

Nice packaging one way or another!

via Lovely Package

Sigtuna by Morkman


Putting it out there – this is superb. A micro brewery close to Stockholm where the Chief Brewer Mattias is not afraid to get up close and personal with his customers. For any and all Irish artisan and local food brands – be bold. This IS about you and don’t be afraid to show it 🙂

[note – the brewery concerned do not appear to have a website – this is a good interview with Mattias]

via Lovely Packaging

Sweet and Hot by Ivanna Shashkina

Part of the fun of Lovely Packaging is that they feature student design work regularly. This one is really effective and shows how humour could be integrated with the people theme.

via Lovely Packaging

Eno by LPW Studios

Nice blend of people and a retro feeling to give these wines a strong visual identity on the shelf. Both the winery owner and the designer have contributed in the comments – here is part of what Sasha from the winery said: “Some context- each year we change the label design (but keep the same typographic treatment of the logo, wine detail, etc). This particular year, 2004, was “a family archetypes”. Hence the names and the pictures of family members.”

This is important – the people concerned are real people and this brings this design execution beyond the realms of just another whim/concept dreamed up by the designer. For artisan food brands that authenticity is so important – and so easy.

via Lovely Packaging

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