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So after a short meeting at the SHOP exhibition I had time for a quick look around and came across 2 newly launched artisan products & packaging πŸ˜‰

Gookies started in the food service sector and are now moving into consumer facing products. This packaging is still a work in progress – they are using SHOP to gather feedback. The colour band differentiating flavours needs some work.
I liked it – clean and strong. I will do a follow up post once we have tried one of their products πŸ˜‰

And Pure Sushi who hale from Kinsale – clean, contemporary Irish feel to their logo with just a hint of shamrock/Celtic.

I have asked for guest posts from both designers so hopefully, Eric who did 8 Degrees is the Gookies culprit.


3 thoughts on “Gookies & Pure @SHOP

  1. for what its worth, I like both sets of packaging and would concur with what Kieth said. Getting it right first time is nearly impossible. After completing dozens and dozens of sampling sessions, I’ve learned not to under estimate the importance of having your product clearly labelled ‘Irish’. As cheesy as it may sound a little shamrock or flag strategically positioned certainly won’t do any harm. Good luck. I’m looking fwd to trying both products:)
    Mark / Froberry

  2. Guilty as charged – Great to see such positive responses so soon, like you said – still in development – we literally started the gookies brand development 3 weeks ago so initial feedback so far so good and greatly appreciated. Will definately be taking on board feedback. We did a short digital print run on the labels for the SHOP expo so it’s great to get this kind of feedback before the larger scale roll out.

    Erik Johansson – The Green Man Studio

  3. Keith, I’m only doing this from a customer viewpoint. I saw Gookies in a speciality shop a few weeks ago and was drawn to it. However my first impression is that Kooky Dough had repackaged. That did put me off a bit but the flavours were enticing me in. The ones I saw had dairy in them so I couldn’t try them, but if the packaging was changed then I’d try them for Tony. I don’t know if the packaging can be changed, although pretty, it’s not original – no better man to fix than yourself. Hope this helps them. That’s my reason for not buying,

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