Foodcamp 2011 @SavourKilkenny. What is it and why would you enjoy it?

We ran Ireland’s 1st foodcamp as part of Savour Kilkenny last year and everyone really enjoyed it. Why?

Because the free day brings not only the usual suspects from the food sector in (food producers, chefs, critics/guide writers and journos) but also gives equal credence to foodies – whether bloggers or not. The common bond is a passion for and love of good food and that makes everyone peers throughout the day.

The core of the day is 24 speaking slots where anyone at all can take one and share their passion or experience or skill set or opinion. Only one rule – and it is not about the quality of your slideshow. It is No Selling – speakers cannot do a sales pitch to their audience. We all know just how annoying that is.

Beyond that you don’t even need a slideshow if that is not your thing. You can talk, gestate and use a whiteboard if you want. Whatever you are comfortable with.

The other thing which we experimented with last year and which worked really well was the community lunch. A bit hippy but we asked everyone attending to bring food to share. Could have flunked but turned out to be an amazing culinary feast šŸ™‚

We are finishing the day with a food fight – chucking the normal panel discussion out the door and having a bit of fun instead. More next week on that.

If you have any questions just ask me – otherwise would love to see you on the day and to hear you share something with the rest of us too. Register here.