Gubbeen, Fingal Ferguson, Lorenzo Tonti and an enduring brand

Once upon a time a graphic designer based in Waterford/Kilkenny decided to help found the South-East’s first Slow Food Convivium and, because he was good that way, he also helped out the national Slow Food group with their website and design.

During that time Lorenzo met with the founder of Gubbeen, Giana Ferguson and that is how his long association with the brand and their packaging kicked off.

On 10th May Lorenzo and Fingal Ferguson (Giana’s son) will be kicking off the day and they will start with that initial piece of work by Lorenzo:

Q – What was the initial scope of the work?

A – Brief (if I remember correctly, we’ve been collaborating since around 2001/2) was to redesign the brand, make it ore lively and fresh – that included the ‘logo’ and packaging. The project evolved into what we have today, more and diverse products and applications. It was my intention from the start to create a long-standing brand which could grow with the business.

Q – What are you most proud of within the work?

A – The flexibility, longevity and overall feel of the brand. It hasn’t grown tired. Plus, the relationship between client and designer: one of the most fulfilling I’ve ever had.

Q – any particular compromises that stick out for you?

A – I don’t think any of us compromised. Not in the products, not in the design. We found a balanced way of working which suited the creative minds of makers and designer, and that’s what makes the partnership successful.

Sounds like a great one to start with – there is a lot to be learned from that relationship and the enduring strength of the brand.

More information on Outstanding By Design including full line up and a link to booking here.



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