Outstanding By Design – thank you

Phew. Full house, great presentations and attendees who learned loads.


This is Sarah from Brand Union working through their creative process on the Paddy O rebrand and them individually below on winning advertising and consistent growth.

Next up were Laura Macaulay and Kristina Moody on Katu Honey and trade not aid.

Erik Johansson, Green Man Studio and Paul O’Connor of Trouble Brewing on voodoo dolls and not being sued by a multi-national

All that stood between us and lunch was fudge. Mella McAuley and Liz Maybury on V1 branding (disaster) and V2 which wasn’t

Its after lunch and Steve Simpson plays the role of client and illustrator (Mic of Chilli fame was unable to make it)

Skoffing, food service and a son who cooks from Liz Skehan and Rachel Kerr

A ten year relationship between designer and brand – Lozenzo Tonti and Fingal Ferguson

Finally Giles Calver rounded out with some observations based on his packaging collecting habit 🙂

So many thanks to each of the speakers – its a big ask for a full Saturday from each of them.

Ken McGuire shot video for the full day and right now he is editing and doing post production – big thanks Ken.

My brother David Bohanna and Theresa Phelan assisted on the day. Miriam Donohue helped with PR. Helen Costello did catering (yum).

And final shout out is to Julie and Rod Calder Potts. They are wonderful hosts and a joy to work with – genuine people. Biabeag events are as much them as me.

Loads more on the day coming up over the coming days and weeks.