Outstanding By Design – Photos, Videos and Audio @anygivenfood

In the world of well resourced events everyone has a media partner – usually one of the national newspapers or a national radio station. I have/had my good mate Ken McGuire who wears his AnyGivenFood hat for such stuff.

On 12th May he took photos – sample underneath and full post here.

Screenshot 2014-05-18 16.31.58 Screenshot 2014-05-18 16.32.35 Screenshot 2014-05-18 16.32.44

He shot video and is slowly splitting out the audio tracks so that you can listen to the full day on podcasts.

First one of Sarah and Paddy can be listened to at this link here.  The second with Giles Calver is on this link here.  The full AnyGivenFood podcast series covering Biabeag and a lot more can be subscribed via the links in his post here.

Finally the videos are being put up on Youtube and the first two are embedded below.

I’ll post further videos as they are edited and uploaded – thanks Ken 🙂


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  1. hi Keith
    You have a great blog, very interesting. I can’t say enough how important it is with local and to encourage small and medium producers as well as the consumers to buy local!

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