Buying Irish artisan food online – list of sources

An increasingly useful option for small scale Irish food producers is to at least supplement their sales via retailers with an online store. This won’t always be appropriate or successful but it has gotten a hell of a lot easier in the last couple of years.

Finding those online store options can be difficult for consumers and I know that I have seen announcements almost weekly on Facebook for the last 3 or 4 months.

A new project (to make good use of my Christmas downtime) is to bring a list of those online sites together in one place. Nothing fancy but hope it helps. If you know of any relevant sites that are not there please let me know in the comments here 🙂

Screenshot 2014-12-27 15.48.09

thanks, Keith

6 thoughts on “Buying Irish artisan food online – list of sources

  1. Can you please add West Cork Pies? The site doesn’t have an on-line shop (yet, that’s one of 2015’s projects) but I do sell by mail order. It’s simply a case of someone emailing or calling me or using the online form to discuss their requirements.

    • Thanks Paul. When you get the full eCommerce facility in place let me know and I’ll very happily add you.
      This listing is for orders that can be paid for and completed online.


  2. Hi Keith, that’s a great list to have access to. I was looking for a supplier of gift hampers before Christmas to send one to a family member in Europe. I found it difficult to find one that had exactly what I wanted – I eventually used the Burren Smokehouse and I think the recipients were happy with what they got. It would have been great to have your list as a reference!

    • Thanks Mary, if all I do is make it easier to find and buy food from small Irish producers then I’ll have a big smile 😉


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