2010 to 2015 – Then and now

For many years my passion for food lay dormant as other aspects of my life took priority. Then in 2010 I took my experience of running Bizcamp style events and working with Mags (Goatsbridge) and Ken (anygivenfood) kicked off a series of foodcamp one day events alongside Savour Kilkenny.

In January 2013 those events spawned the Biabeag series of evenings of which there have been 11 in total which have been so much fun to do. Mostly with Julie and Rod in Highbank (thank you for encouraging and supporting me both of you) and also with Cooks Academy and Sally in Theatre of Food and in October 3 during Savour Kilkenny.

The first Biabeag event featured 3 bakers and from that came Real Bread Ireland which launched in January 2015.

Because all of this is a hobby (very enjoyable but unpaid) and because running events brings a stress of its own to get attendees in for the food producers who give their time I now need to refocus so the three Biabeag events over 2015 Savour are the last ones I will do in this way.

That focus for the next while is helping any way I can to achieve the vision of having a good craft real bread baker in every provincial town in Ireland.

I believe the demand and circumstances are here to support that in the same way that every county has at least one craft brewery with amazing support from consumers. All it can be is good for us.

Thanks to every food producer who gave their time during the series – your passion for great food done properly is such a pleasure to be around and it was my privilege to share time with each of you:

  • Joe Fitzmaurice, Riot Rye
  • Josephine Plettenburg, Speltbaker
  • Declan Ryan, Arbutus
  • Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith, St Tola
  • Tom Burgess – Coolattin Cheddar
  • Helen Finnegan – Knockdrinna Cheese
  • Brock Lewin, Badger And Dodo
  • Jennifer Ryan, Ponaire
  • Ferg Brown, Roasted Brown
  • Karen Keane, Bean and Goose
  • Mary Teehan, Truffle Fairy
  • Alyssa Jade McDonald, Blyss Chocolate
  • Thibault (Tibo) Peigne, Tartine
  • William Despard, Bretzel
  • Eoin Cluskey, Firehouse Bakery
  • Patrick Ryan, Firehouse Bakery
  • Ed Hicks (Hicks Traditional Pork Butchers)
  • Peter Reynier, Wicklow Wolf
  •  Julie Calder Potts, Highbank Orchard
  • Sarah Richards, Seagull Bakery
  • Tom Jones, Sea of Vitality
  • Nichola Beresford, Muldoon Whiskey