Bread, Beer and Butch. Saturday 24th October, Butler House

Obviously that would be meat at the end but I liked the alliteration :-). Also it suits Ed Hicks.

We had a warm up for this during Sally McKenna’s Theatre of Food this year (pic below) and it was a lot of fun. Our lead here is Patrick Ryan, DoughMaster at Firehouse Bakery and the whole collaboration style event was his idea. You can buy tickets here.


Based on the endless conversations between himself, Peter and Ed around how they could use each others products and ingredients in their own creations but never actually having a reason to bring that.

So you the audience are the reason now and they will bring along a variety of products for you to try.

Patrick Ryan, Firehouse Bakery #AsSeenOnTV

Patrick is the founder of Firehouse Bakery in Wicklow and spends a lot of his time driving between that part of the world and Heir Island in West Cork where he gives bakery classes. He is also (I noticed for the first time in the last 2 weeks, I don’t watch TV) a TV Celebrity Baker.

Apart from a number of gold Blas ns hEireann awards Firehouse also won the Georgina Campbell’s Natural Food Award in 2015.

I got to meet Patrick for the first time in late 2013 when we were putting together the kick off team for Real Bread Ireland and we’ve been working closely together on that since.

Screenshot 2015-10-11 09.59.06

I hope the other two in this evenings session don’t get all tongue tied by his fame 😉

Pete Rainier, Wicklow Wolf

Pete makes this intro difficult. Because he pretty much doesn’t exist on the internet (its true, try Googling him).

He does have a Linkedin profile and came from Colorado to work with Wicklow Wolf. He could be the 1st Mudlogging Geologist that I have ever met and that might explain why he spends time caving with Ed.

I met him for the first time during Electric Picnic when he turned up instead of Quincey.

Ed Hicks, Hicks and Co Butchers

So this is Butch. Ed is a third generation butcher and also responsible for Bacon Jam (see the photo below).

He is active in Slow Food and responsible for a number of record breaking pasta making sessions. As with many of the craft producers during these sessions he gives workshops where he teaches the skills that he has inherited to others to ensure they are passed from generation to generation.

I first met Ed a couple of years ago at a Taste Council event in Wicklow where my intro was via Liz Maybury who did the brand and label design for the Bacon Jam.

Event details and tickets here.







Meet the Brewers – 7th June 2014, 6pm

POSTPONED – 3rd June. Have had to pull the event due to low ticket sales – really sorry 😦


Date: Saturday 7th June 2014
Time: 6pm (sharp’ish) for 2 hours or thereabouts.

Venue: Highbank Orchard – You will also be able to sample and buy from the wonderful range of Highbank Ciders – Proper, Medieval and Drivers.

Map showing entrance to Highbank –

Link to buy tickets (only €8 to join us)


We will have Cuilan Loughnane from White Gypsy, Caroline Hennessy from 8 Degrees and Grainne Walsh, Metalman with us on the night.

Caroline Hennessy from 8 Degrees

Caroline has been to Kilkenny many times as she is a regular at Foodcamp which happens each year during Savour Kilkenny. She is the active external face of 8 Degrees and an advocate of food pairings and the subtle use of beer in cooking (as you can see below!).


Cuilan Loughnane from White Gypsy

I met Cuilan during a Taste Council event in Wicklow a couple of years ago and myself and Rod (from Highbank, our hosts) talked about how he wanted to grow hops locally and use them in his brewing. We will be exploring that some more on the 7th 🙂

Thanks to for the use of their shot of Cuilan above.

Grainne Walsh, Metalman

Again Grainne and Tim (her partner in Metalman) have been to Kilkenny regularly during Savour so you may already have bumped in to them. This Waterford based brewery have strong links to White Gypsy as Cuilan brewed their initial offerings while they were waiting for their brewery to be built. This co-operation and support between emerging competitors is one of the topics we will be exploring on the night.

Link to buy tickets (only €8 to join us)


Updated 18th May to add full speaker details.

Updated 4th April to add Metalman to the lineup.

Updated 30th March to add 8Degrees to the lineup.

Updated 2nd March to change it from Cider and Beer to Meet The Brewers. This is to acknowledge that the making process is completely different in both cases so the empathy across the panel and the sharing of knowledge and passions would not make as much sense as it should. We will have a dedicated cider makers event most likely in 2015