Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italy

The guys who are behind this have had one of my favourite websites for a couple of years in terms of the simple yet powerful language they use on it – started as an Adopt An Olive Tree business model!

Their design approach on the site and products is gorgeous – a great example of how to communicate the passion and core values of an artisan food brand.

I have never tasted the olive oils from the farm but would sure love to. You can purchase them from their site or if you are in the US from the Cube Marketplace as well.


The Flour Pot Bakery, design work by Sara Nicely

This bakery in Florida had its new packaging and menus redone by Sara Nicely. From her site:

“The bakery’s interior space is inviting and warm with natural lighting and eclectic funky displays advertising baked goods.
This identity system was designed to convey the unique and handmade qualities of the bakery.”

Check out the full post here.


Thanks to @jkeyes for this one.

Chocolat Factory, Spain

For small food producers to survive some decide to go really upmarket and this appears to be a good example of that.

This Spanish chocolatier Chocolat Factory commissed a French design firm to come up with a number of ideas – two of which you can see above. A series of chocolate domes leading to a cocoa bean and a pie chart in chocolate!

The collaboration was featured by FastCompany in the US.


Student Spotlight: Lindsay Perkins – Package Design Blog

There is no direct correlation between good design and genuine, good food nor should there be. However sharply designed packaging can help to communicate the core values of a food brand quickly and effectively.
Student Spotlight: Lindsay Perkins – Package Design Blog