Chocolat Factory, Spain

For small food producers to survive some decide to go really upmarket and this appears to be a good example of that.

This Spanish chocolatier Chocolat Factory commissed a French design firm to come up with a number of ideas – two of which you can see above. A series of chocolate domes leading to a cocoa bean and a pie chart in chocolate!

The collaboration was featured by FastCompany in the US.


Dungarvan Brewing Company


One of the many things I got used to in England was the variety of beers which were brewed in small, local breweries and encouraged by groups such as CAMRA.

Ireland was a wasteland in 1995 when I returned and it was many years before a momentum built up which would see consumers pull away from the output of the multinationals who owned the market.


Cormac O’Dwyer and Tom Dalton are responsible for one of the newest additions to the scene. They started the Dungarvan Brewing Company in April 2010 and are getting great reviews for their products.


Blazing Salads, one of many artisan bakers in Ireland

Good bread was almost destroyed in Ireland – with a rush to the supermarkets to purchase white sliced pans or par-baked wonder loafs the art of baking almost disappeared.

Fortunately there remain a number of bakers with a long heritage (Keoghs in my local area being one of those) and some newcomers such as Blazing Salads. They have a great selection from a family with a 30 year+ background in good food.


[photo courtesy of the Organic Supermarket where you can purchase this bread online, the Blazing Salads website does not have a single decent photo of the breads]

School of Artisan Food, Nottinghamshire

Picked this up via twitter last night – a school in the UK dedicated to teaching artisan food skills. “In 2006, two of the School of Artisan Food’s directors decided to open an artisan bakery in the premises of the old fire station on the beautiful and rural Welbeck Estate in the middle of Sherwood Forest.”