Tipperary Food Producers

In my final video from the Tipperary Food Producers evening event (to which I was invited as part of the twitter panel and got in for free) I asked Gary Gubbins, one of the organisers of the event and the Founder of Red Nose Wines, to tell me a little about the Food Producers Network.

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Brownes Soup. Tipperary, Ireland

Number 3 of 4 which I shot while at the Tipperary Food Producers event in Clonmel a couple of weeks ago (disclosure, I was asked to participate in a twitter panel there so got in free).

This one is with Sarah Browne of Brownes Soups (www.msbrowne.com) (who explains the evolution of their packaging. Apologies for the drop in lighting towards the end – a camera crew in the room unplugged their rig!

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