Rapunzel Naturkost

What they do

They manufacture a wide range (over 400) organic, vegetarian and fairtraded food products. They also have a food ingredients division in Germany and offer an own label manufacturing service.

Where they do it

Just over half of their products are manufactured in Germany where they also have the widest distribution. Outside of Germany there are 30 countries worldwide where their products are available.

Who are they

Set up by Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen in 1974 they now employ over 300 people.

The ethical bit?

Clearly defined ethics are deeply routed in the business. They operate their own organic certification scheme (Hand in Hand) together with producer partners in many countries.

They have a clear and fascinating mission statement and goals covering the environment, staff and independence from banks and other financial institutions.

My thoughts

With a turnover of > €100M this business has successfully scaled while maintaining a rigorous set of criteria which guide its operations. The passion and personal ethics of 2 individuals has lead to a powerhouse of organic food production and I am in awe of that.

This is not a sexy brand and they do not “do” social media that I can see. It is a solid and reputable brand.

I am familiar with a number of their products which make their way onto the Irish market and I am going to look out for more now!

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One World Award (Joseph is on the jury)

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VegFest Cork – next Saturday 1st October 11

My meandering around the Dingle Food Festival next weekend means that I am going to miss another event which would have been a “definitely attending” otherwise.

Dee Collins has organised a mini-festival in Cork city to help celebrate World Vegetarian Day. During the vegfest (being held in Electric Cork) you can:

Sample tasters from the vegetarian menu in Electric Cork

Munch on some of these vegan cup-cakes from Sugar Moon Vegan Cakes

and try out the new Real Meal range from Dee’s

There are other things to do to – and its Free. Details and booking here.