Ummera, Ireland

One of the minor complications of being a vegan trapped in a foodie body is that I will never get to taste the vast majority of foods I blog about (or in some case the foods of clients I work with). Tough, others enjoy the taste and I enjoy the passion and zest for quality of product, service and brand.

Ummera are Smokers in Cork and they pulled a 3 star Gold Award at the Great Taste awards in the UK in July. That is not easily done and a great compliment to them.

Check out their site – where they also share the frustrations of small food producers being hampered by legislation.


Waterford Harvest Festival – Ireland

I spent a couple of hours with my family at the Amazing Grazing event today – part of a 9 day food festival held in the city of Waterford.

While time was spent eating and sampling I also chatted to a number of the food entrepreneurs who were there – some known to me and some new. I will feature them in a number of posts over the next week or so in the order I found them on the day!

The post started with a general shot of the crowd and day – they estimated that up to 40,000 people would turn up to visit over 100 food stands.

Paddy’s O’Granola

Patrick O’Connell does one product and does it well – a crunchy breakfast cereal which was kick started while he was still a student. The kids loved the taste of it. Read more on the Good Food Ireland site about him.

Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese

Helen Finnegan started this cheese business in 2004 and has grown it by a combination of internal product development and also taking over the production of another local cheese product in 2008. Read more on her site here.