A new book about artisan producers: Food Heroes, by Georgia Pellegrini

Serious Reads: Food Heroes, by Georgia Pellegrini

“If you’ve ever wondered how to make the transition from your current career to one entirely based around food production, this book can be your guide.”

In a time when “local” and “sustainable” have become catch-all words for the foods we should be eating, it becomes easy to lose track of the individuals who put such excellent and fresh foods on our plates. Georgia Pellegrini, a former line cook at some serious restaurants, set out to find 16 artisan producers who are ensuring their craft is not forgotten. In Food Heroes: 16 Culinary Artisans Preserving Tradition, she shares their stories and brings us glimpses into the world of making real food.

From a whisky producer in Colorado, to a “butter poet” in Cumbria, England, Pellegrini demonstrates the many forms and faces that artisan food can take. Here are just a few of the many figures she profiles.

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Artisan at work: Rogue Chocolatier

Rogue Chocolatier

One man bean-to-bar chocolate making in Minneapolis

At a mere 24-years-old, Colin Gasko is fervently bringing the fine art of bean-to-bar chocolate making to the Midwest. Over the past few years, the Minneapolis-based Rogue Chocolatier has experimented with techniques….

Gasko sources his own cocoa and oversees the entire three-day-long production process…..

Gasko offers four different flavors of chocolate created from beans around the world, as well as the occasional limited edition…..

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Nothing to add to this, that would be amazing chocolate.