Irish Food Producers & Social Media: Brownes Soups

Came across this today – in November Sarah Browne from Brownes Soups used a combination of her Facebook Page (with 329 fans at the time of writing) and Surveymonkey to do her first online survey. It is still up here:

She was offering a draw for some of their sauces (pictured below) as an incentive – nice idea.

In a post on the page today (29th Dec) Sarah said she had a great response to the survey. On the back of her first appearance on youtube after the Clonmel Food Producers event great to see her extending her use of the tools available to her.


Artisan and local food packaging examples

First two from Scandanavia and Dieline.

The first is a humorous take on Santa at Christmas – used by a Swedish micro-brewery near Stockholm. Can imagine these being strong on the shelf edge.

via Dieline

The second is a range of gingerbread and the brief was for packaging for the best gingerbread in Finland in time for Christmas 2010. Very contemporary.

via Dieline

The next two are student concepts and come from the Lovely Package blog.

This one is from Martín Azambuja in Uruguay. “The project was to design new packaging of flour for people who like cooking. I decided to use two colours and a reticle picture.”

Strikingly different from the flour packaging which I am familiar with here in Ireland.

via Lovely Package

The second is from Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason in Iceland – more accurately he is credited but the work is from a group of 3 students. Again for a micro brewery the brief: “The concept is a simple one. One beer, 10 different bottle designs by 10 different designers. The design would be changed annually. The design could be put on beer glasses as well. The design is limited to black graphics on a 33cl glass bottle.”

You can see see 3 of the designs below. All 10 on the blog post linked underneath.

via Lovely Package.