Kilbeggan Organic Porridge – packaging update

Pat Lawlor was at the GIY Gathering event I went to yesterday and I took the opportunity to say hello afterwards as a fan of his product.

He had some sample packs with him (I took 4 and gave them out during the Amazing Grazing event on the Quay) and he talked me through the changes in V2.

Based on feedback from retailers HR has stressed his Irishness. So the addition of 2 very visible Irish elements at the top and his address under the Creamy strapline is also in green.

And a more subtle change too. Kilbeggan is now in the font used on the Kilbeggan whisky labeling. Pat asked for and got permission to do so.

Now two consumer facing food products from the same area share a strong common visual feature. You have to love the way this oats farmer thinks, I do 😉




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