Ethical Food Businesses – some information sources I will be keeping an eye on

I already subscribe to a couple of these blogs and follow their founders on twitter and I will be adding to the list as I find more.

Worth saying here that a food startup in itself is of no interest to me personally – it must have a ethical core to it. The perpetuation of cheap food for the mainstream is irrelevant here as are reviews of normal restaurant chains and mass produced dishes. So while these sources cover a lot of great businesses not many of those will be mentioned in posts here. Just so we are clear 😉

2/9/12 –

31/8/12 –

31/8/12 –

Food and Technology Connect – Danielle Gould

Forbes Food Startups

Quora Food Tech Startups

Edible Startups – Michelle Paratore

Guardian UK Organics Coverage

Meetup Food Startups Group

If you have ones to add to the above please let me know in the comments

One thought on “Ethical Food Businesses – some information sources I will be keeping an eye on

  1. Thanks, Keith. We’re glad to have made it on your list! We launched in February of this year and it’s been an amazing experience. Sometimes it’s really disheartening. Some days we have to get chin deep in research about some of the gruesome things going on with our food. Finding out what happens to the male calves that are born in most dairy farms, for instance. But then we get out there on farms, talk to producers, etc., who are dedicated to to the cause of wholesome, humane and ethical food–and we feel inspired, humbled and grateful. It can seem like we are up against such powerful forces, and we are. There is so much money at stake in upholding the current system. But increasingly, people are becoming aware and deciding to make changes in their lives.

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