Meet the Cheese Makers – thank you

Last night was great, it went really well. Thanks as always to Julie and Rod our hosts in Highbank Orchard for the work they put in getting the room ready for the event. You can see it here, thats a lot of effort and works so well.    Our 3 makers shared so much about their stories and the making of their cheeses. And samples were passed around constantly! Accompanied by baguettes from the Spelt Baker. The 3 again were:

I am waiting on a full set of photos of the evening so here are a couple shot by me.

This is the raw video of the entire Biabeag Meet The Cheese Makers event on 5th April at Highbank Organic Orchard. With us were:Thanks to for shooting for us. All post production failings are mine!

Some timing notes:

5:22 Siobhan

38:55 Helen

1:08 Tom

1:40 General Q&A including a couple of opportunities for people considering entering the artisan cheese market

1:42:30 Specific discussion around scaling an artisan food business through to end. This one was initiated by me and I found it really informative.


There was a audience of 60 in the room and on a show of hands between a third and a half had travelled from outside Kilkenny. That is so good to see – thank you for making the effort to join us and celebrate these makers and real cheese 🙂

Next up is Outstanding By Design on 10th May – a brand and packaging day mostly for food producers

Meet the Craft Brewers is on 7th June (8 Degrees, White Gypsy and Metalman)

Meet the Roasters is on 20th Sept (Ponaire, 3FE and Badger & Dodo)


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  1. Thanks so much for posting the video, Keith. I live outside Ireland and so would have no chance to get to your sessions, so it’s great that I can participate from afar. I might go and get some representative cheeses before I finish watching it so I don’t feel left out of the tastings!

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