Outstanding By Design – look at the range of design experience in the room :-)

The individual designers, larger companies and agencies who are on stage on 10th May have worked with the following food producers, restaurants and other food companies:

  • Bo Bristle
  • Donnelly
  • Pop Noodle
  • Saba
  • Pure Brazen
  • Skoff Pies
  • Total Produce
  • Finches
  • Glenilen
  • Cully & Sully
  • Dee’s
  • Rachel Allen
  • Paddy O’Granola
  • Galtee
  • King Gold Standard
  • Hodgins Craft Butcher
  • Country Kitchens Bakery
  • 8 Degrees
  • Firehouse Bakery
  • Gubeen
  • Mic’s Chilli
  • Fade St
  • Ed Hicks Bacon Jam
  • Mella Fudge
  • Dunnes Soups
  • Indulge Chocolates
  • Kerry Foods
  • Shellfish Ireland
  • Chilly Moo
  • Follain Preserves
  • Cavistons
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Cadbury Cocoa House
  • Tanqueray
  • Gordon’s
  • Windsor Diamond Jubilee
  • Chivas Brothers

That is an amazing array of design talent which each attendee will have access to and it is not comprehensive by any means!

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Outstanding By Design – a teaser

This one day event on 10th May is for food producers who need a new brand or packaging or want to refresh an existing one. You will learn about how to achieve the following:

(1) Write a strong brief

The starting point of great design is for you to be clear on what you want from it. The final hour of the day will see you will leave with a branding or packaging design briefing template (from Bord Bia) which the designers will guide you through filling out.

(2) Pick the right designer

Understand more about the various options you have when you try to select your designer.

(3) Manage the process

Designers need love. They also need managing – pick up tips on how to be an active partner in the process.

Why is all of the above important? Sarah Maguire from Brand Union on their work on Paddy O’Granola

“The rebrand has been hugely successful for Paddy. By sharing his new brand look and feel as part of his entry into a media competition, he won €150,000 worth of outdoor advertising space, has had a 100% lift in sales since June 2012, and increased nationwide listings of the brand.”

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Outstanding By Design – Skoff Pies

This one will be interesting, a food service company moving out of the shadows via own label production with a new and strong consumer brand.

Liz Skehan will share the story of her collaboration with Creative Inc on 12th May at Outstanding By Design but to whet your appetite here is a summary from Creative and a couple of behind the scenes shots taken during the process.

As you can see there is an understandable emphasis on Donal in the public face of this business but the role of Liz and her husband will be interesting to reveal.

Working closely with Donal and the Skehan family, it was important for us that his personality and love of all things retro was reflected in the new identity and packaging. The typography and stark graphic teeth are a playful homage to the works of iconic American designers such as Roy Kuhlman and Paul Rand.”

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