Outstanding By Design – Skoff Pies

This one will be interesting, a food service company moving out of the shadows via own label production with a new and strong consumer brand.

Liz Skehan will share the story of her collaboration with Creative Inc on 12th May at Outstanding By Design but to whet your appetite here is a summary from Creative and a couple of behind the scenes shots taken during the process.

As you can see there is an understandable emphasis on Donal in the public face of this business but the role of Liz and her husband will be interesting to reveal.

Working closely with Donal and the Skehan family, it was important for us that his personality and love of all things retro was reflected in the new identity and packaging. The typography and stark graphic teeth are a playful homage to the works of iconic American designers such as Roy Kuhlman and Paul Rand.”

For more information on the day click here.