Savour Kilkenny Food Market – some of the people behind the food

That was a great weekend and after the Foodcamp on Friday I relaxed a little and just enjoyed walking around and chatting to the artisan food producers around the market on the Parade.

This is a view of the market from one of the surrounding buildings. Against the backdrop of the Rose Garden and the Castle over 70 passionate food producers gathered to share and sell their wares. For a change this post focused on those people and not brands or packaging.

First up in this post – Mag Kirwan and Marian Flannery. Mag is a food producer, member of the Savour Kilkenny Committee and co-organiser of the Foodcamp with me. Marian is the person primarily responsible as festival organiser for the delivery of the event. Both did amazing work.

Moving on 4 sets of couples who work together in their businesses – and really lovely people to chat to as well. Julie and Rod Calderpott have an organic farm for many years and Julie came up with Orchard Syrup last year. Another apple based product about to launch too – but Mum’s The Word.

Audrey and Norbert make chutneys in Dunhill, Waterford and as with the 2 above I have never seen them without a smile on their faces.

A steady stream of people queued to taste the 2 beers on tap from Grainne and Tim Walsh from the Metalman Brewery in Waterford. Very tasty pale ale.

Michael and Paul are another organic business and brand and so well respected in the food sector for their range.

And Now. The Award Winning Helen Finnegan – voted Supreme Cheese Maker……stop – check out this post for more. It was lovely to hear John McKenna on Friday evening talking about how he had come across Helen 8 years ago when she was studying cheesemaking and just how special it was to move in that short space of time to winning that title against tough competition with over 600 unique cheeses to battle against.

One of the nice things about starting this blog (nearly a year ago now) is constantly coming across really strong brands which I had never been aware of. Gee’s Jams is one of those, started by Helen Gee 12 years ago.

A mere 6 years old is Tess’s Homestyle Baking, a Kilkenny based business and this is Paul Doyle who is one of the co-founders.

Cakes, cupcakes and various other delights are the speciality of Mary McEvoy. She was a little shy around the camera!

A completely new brand to me at the market was Prue & Simon’s and this shot is of Prue Rudd with a customer.

That’s it – the best part of artisan food festivals for me. Chatting to and hearing the stories of the producers. I missed loads of them in that round up!


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  1. All fabulous – tasted many of them myself will be blogging too – had Orchard Syrup over my yoghurt and muesli all weekend long – in food heaven. Nice post!

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