Artisan Coffee, online at Facebook

Equator Coffees is, in their words, a coffee roaster, tea purveyor and coffee farm owner offering distinctive micro-lot coffees and rare teas to fine restaurants, hotels and retailers.

They have built out a storefront within their Facebook page allowing you to complete a purchase without leaving Facebook. Does this make sense? Probably – although it was wierd for me to see the shopping area in that environment.

Should small food brands sell within Facebook? I guess it is similiar to selling your brand in a multinational retailer – some producers see that as a good thing to do and others do not. There are a lot of grey areas when you mix ideals and passions with commerce.


Hook’s Cheese Co, Wisconsin

Tony and Julie Hook have been making cheese for 35 years and it was a 15 year old cheddar that caught my eye. On that batch:

The cheese is unique because cheddar tends to turn bitter or acidic with age. Most supermarket cheddar is 1 to 3 months old.

The secret to aging cheddar successfully is starting with a good batch of cheese in the vat, Hook said. He gives a lot of the credit to the milk he uses from small dairy farms within eight miles of the Mineral Point cheese factory.

You can read more on it here.


Traceable Coffee, by small scale coffee farmers

This is interesting, a system called Traceable Coffee put in place by producers to link consumers to the producers. A good website with a number of videos covering various aspects of the system.

Awareness of producers, as well as the brands who sit inbetween, is an important part of encouraging small food brands.