Esther Barron, Barron’s Bakery

What a pleasure to meet with Esther and Joe Barron during the recent Waterford Festival of Food – site here. I went out on the Saturday for one of their bus tours. Mine was the Staples one and it involved a visit to Crinnaghton Juices (video in an upcoming post) and then Barron’s bakery.

4th generation, oldest working bread oven in Ireland, a just published book on their 125 year history. You just have to love it.

During the tour I shot this video clip (slightly longer than usual at just under 4 minutes) where Esther and Joe show us the equipment and process which their bread goes through.

Every town in Ireland should have one, two, three local bakeries and every home in Ireland should support them.


The Flour Pot Bakery, design work by Sara Nicely

This bakery in Florida had its new packaging and menus redone by Sara Nicely. From her site:

“The bakery’s interior space is inviting and warm with natural lighting and eclectic funky displays advertising baked goods.
This identity system was designed to convey the unique and handmade qualities of the bakery.”

Check out the full post here.


Thanks to @jkeyes for this one.

Waterford Harvest Festival – Ireland (2)

Oldtown Hill Bakehouse

Chocolate is nice but bread is fundamental and a country without a network of local bakers is missing something. Because Ireland has stopped training craft bakers Oldtown is staffed with bakers from countries such as Poland.

Oldtown (Joy Moore, above with her daughter and her husband James) was started in 1999 and has developed a large range of breads which are sold within 75 miles of the bakery. A very recent addition is Dolly’s donuts (yummy):

Check out this brief TV clip of them. They do not have a website so cannot point you at one 😦

O’Donnells Crisps

This is a more recent product – 2010 in fact.

2 flavours -Mount Callan Cheese & Red Onion and Irish Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt (tangy and tasty). Cheese from Co Clare and Cider Vinegar using apples from Co Tipperary (where O’Donnells are based). This is how food should be produced.

Their website is here:

UPDATE – there is now a listing for O’Donnell Crisps on the Irish Food Base:


My previous post from the Harvest Festival is here. The main website for the festival is here.

6 Artisan producers featured in Food and Wine mag, USA

Via the True Blue Ridge blog came this feature from the September Food and Wine magazine in the USA. It features the following 6 small scale producers

Some great stories (and great websites too). The photo is from the North Caroline Organic Bread blog.



Blazing Salads, one of many artisan bakers in Ireland

Good bread was almost destroyed in Ireland – with a rush to the supermarkets to purchase white sliced pans or par-baked wonder loafs the art of baking almost disappeared.

Fortunately there remain a number of bakers with a long heritage (Keoghs in my local area being one of those) and some newcomers such as Blazing Salads. They have a great selection from a family with a 30 year+ background in good food.


[photo courtesy of the Organic Supermarket where you can purchase this bread online, the Blazing Salads website does not have a single decent photo of the breads]